HP LaserJet 1200 Printer series - Quick Copy settings

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Quick Copy settings

You can change the default Quick Copy settings when your
computer is turned on. Quick Copy settings remain the same for
all future Quick Copy jobs, even when your computer is turned
off, until you change the defaults again. Quick Copy settings
include the following defaults:

Number of copies = 1

Collation = On

Reduce or enlarge = Original (100%)

Copy quality = Text

Contrast = Middle Setting

Accessing the Quick Copy settings

WIndows 9x, 2000, Millennium, and NT 4.0: In
HP LaserJet Director, click Toolbox, and HP LaserJet
Device Configuration
. After the HP LaserJet Device
opens, click on the Copy tab.

If HP LaserJet Director is not running:

Windows: Click Start, Programs, HP LaserJet 1220,

and Tools, HP LaserJet Device Configuration. Click on
the Copy tab.

Mac OS: Double-click the HP LaserJet 1200 Device

Configuration icon. Click the Copy tab.

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