HP LaserJet 1200 Printer series - Configuring the BOOTP server

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Configuring the BOOTP server


Hewlett-Packard recommends that the BOOTP server be located on
the same subnet as the printers it serves. Routers cannot forward
BOOTP broadcast packets unless the routers are properly configured.


If the HP JetDirect print server does not receive its IP configuration
within two minutes, a default IP address is automatically assigned: You are advised not to leave this address as it is, but to
change it to an address that fits into your network addressing scheme.
You can, however, use this address to initially access the print server,
and then change it to a more suitable one. To use the default IP address
temporarily, set up your computer with an IP address in the same
subnet, or establish an IP route to it.

For the HP JetDirect print server to obtain its configuration data
over the network, you must set up the BOOTP servers with the
appropriate configuration files. The print server uses BOOTP to
obtain entries in the


file on a BOOTP server.

When you turn the HP JetDirect print server on, it broadcasts a
BOOTP request that contains its hardware address. A BOOTP
server daemon searches the


file for a

matching MAC address and, if successful, sends the
corresponding configuration data to the HP JetDirect print server
as a BOOTP reply. The configuration data in the


file must be properly entered. See


file entries

for a description of the entries.


Community names (passwords) for your printer are not secure. If you
specify a community name for your printer, select a name that is
different from the passwords used for other systems on your network.

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