HP LaserJet 1200 Printer series - Enabling or disabling DHCP

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Enabling or disabling DHCP

If you do not want your HP JetDirect print server configured via
DHCP, you must disable DHCP configuration. You can use one of
the following methods to enable or disable DHCP:

If you use the printer control panel to disable BOOTP on the
HP JetDirect print server, DHCP is disabled.

You can use Telnet to enable or disable DHCP operation on
the HP JetDirect print server. When you use Telnet to disable
a DHCP configuration Telnet, the print server automatically
releases any names and IP addresses associated with the
DHCP server and reinitializes the TCP/IP protocol for the
print server. At this point, the print server is unconfigured and
begins to send BOOTP and RARP requests to acquire new
(non-DHCP) configuration information.

You can use HP Web JetAdmin to modify the TCP/IP

If you manually provide an IP address when you use Telnet to
disable DHCP, the print server still releases its DHCP-provided IP
address but the print server does not send BOOTP and RARP
configuration requests. Instead, the print server uses the
configuration information that you provided. Therefore, if you
provide the IP address, you should also manually set all of the
configuration parameters, such as subnet mask, default gateway,
and idle timeout.


If you change the DHCP configuration state from disabled to enabled,
the print server assumes that it should acquire its configuration
information from a DHCP server. This means that when the Telnet
session is completed, the TCP/IP protocol for the print server is
reinitialized and all of the current configuration information is deleted.
The print server then tries to acquire new configuration information by
sending DHCP requests on the network to a DHCP server.

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