HP LaserJet 1200 Printer series - Moving to another network

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Moving to another network

When you move an HP JetDirect print server that is configured
with an IP address to a new network, make sure that the IP
address does not conflict with the IP addresses on the new
network. You can change the print server’s IP address to one that
can be used on the new network, or you can erase the current IP
address and configure another IP address after you install the
print server on the new network. Cold reset the print server (see

Troubleshooting the print server

for instructions).

If the current BOOTP server cannot be reached, you might need
to find a different BOOTP server and configure the printer to that

If you used BOOTP or DHCP to configure the print server, edit
the appropriate system files with updated settings. If you
manually set the IP address, reconfigure the IP parameters as
described in this chapter.

Follow the instructions on the appropriate Home page to
configure or modify your printer. These instructions show you
how to configure your printer and set up the printer for printing.


You can substitute the server.domain with the TCP/IP address.

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