HP LaserJet 1200 Printer series - General HPJetDirect information

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General HP JetDirect information




The current state of the print server:
I/O Card Ready: The print server has successfully connected
to the network and is waiting for data.
I/O Card Initializing: The print server is initializing the
network protocols. See the status line for each protocol on the
configuration page for more information.
I/O Card Not Ready: There is a problem with the print server
or its configuration.


If the print server is not ready, an error code and message
appears. See

Error messages


Model Number

The HP JetDirect print server’s model number (for example,

Hardware Address

The 12-digit hexadecimal network hardware (MAC) address of
the print server that is installed in the printer or device. The
manufacturer assigns this address.

Firmware Version

The firmware revision number of the print server that is
currently installed in the printer. The format is X.NN.NN,
where X is a letter that depends on the HP JetDirect print
server model.

Port Select

The LAN port on the print server that has been detected for
None: The print server is not connected to the network.
RJ-45: The RJ-45 network port is connected.

Port Config

The link configuration of the RJ-45 LAN port on the print
10BASE-T HALF: 10 Mbps, half-duplex
10BASE-T FULL: 10 Mbps, full-duplex
100TX HALF: 100 Mbps, half-duplex
100TX FULL: 100 Mbps, full-duplex
Unknown: The print server is in an initialization state.
Disconnected: A network connection has not been detected.
Check the network cables.

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170 Chapter 11 Troubleshooting the print server


Auto Negotiation

Specifies if IEEE 802.3u Autonegotiation on the 10/100TX
port is enabled (on) or disabled (off):
On: The print server tries to automatically configure itself onto
the network at the proper speed (10 or 100 Mbps) and mode
(half or full duplex).

Manufacturing ID

The manufacturing identification code for use by HP Customer
Care personnel.

Date Manufactured

The date that the HP JetDirect print server was manufactured.

SNMP Set Cmty Name

Specifies if an SNMP set community name has been
configured on the print server. An SNMP set community name
is a password for write access to SNMP control functions
(SNMP SetRequests) on the print server.
Not Specified: An SNMP set community name has not been
Specified: An SNMP set community has been configured.

Port 1 *

Heads the section for the USB printer class descriptor
information supplied by the printer’s manufacturer. The
number and asterisk, 1 *, means that the configuration and
diagnostic pages are printed on the printer attached to this
print server port 1. See

USB port information

for more




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Understanding the print server configuration page 171