HP LaserJet 1200 Printer series - Part of the image did not scan or text is missing

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Part of the image did not scan or text is



Was the original loaded

Make sure that you loaded the original correctly. See


originals in the copier/scanner

for instructions.

Does the original have a
colored background?

Colored backgrounds can cause images in the foreground to
blend too much. Try adjusting the settings before you scan the
original or enhancing the image after you scan the original.

Adjusting the contrast

for instructions. Also see


resolution and color

for more information.

Is the original longer than
762 mm (35 in.)?

The maximum scannable length is 762 mm (35 in.). If the
page exceeds the maximum length, the scanner stops.


Do not try to pull the original from the scanner; you might
damage the scanner or your original. See


copier/scanner jams

for instructions.

Is the original too small?

The minimum size supported in the copier/scanner for the
HP LaserJet 1200 is 50.8 by 90 mm (2 by 3.5 in.). The original
might be jammed. See

Clearing copier/scanner jams



Are you using HP LaserJet

Your default property settings for HP LaserJet Director might
be set to automatically perform a specific task other than the
one you are attempting. For example, you can set
HP LaserJet Director to automatically perform a scan to
e-mail. This means that your image does not show up on the
screen but is attached to an e-mail message as a file. See the
online help for instructions on changing the properties in
HP LaserJet Director. See

Accessing the online help


Is the paper size correct?

In Scan Settings, make sure that the input paper size is large
enough for the document that you are scanning.

Did you check for missing
text in selected regions?

Scan your document in page-by-page mode and make sure
that missing text is in a selected region.

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