HP LaserJet 1200 Printer series - Printer online help

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Printer online help

Printer properties online help

The printer properties (driver) online help includes specific
information about the functions in the printer properties. This
online help guides you through the process of changing your
printer’s default settings.

To access the printer properties help system, open the printer
properties and click Help.




Online help

The HP LaserJet 1220 online help includes information for all of
the printing, copying, and scanning software applications.

To access the HP LaserJet 1220 online help, use any of the
following methods:

Program Group in Windows 9x and NT 4.0: Click Start,
Programs, HP LaserJet 1220, and LaserJet 1220 Online

HP LaserJet Director: Click the right mouse button on the
HP LaserJet Director toolbar then select Help from the
context menu.

LaserJet Document Manager: Click Help from the main

Mac OS: Turn on Balloon help.

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